In this exploration you will visit the Highlights of the Island, from coast to coast, visiting in 5 days several ancient ruins, ahus and experience the local culture of Rapa Nui or Te He Pito Te Henua.


5 Days program exploring Easter Island in depth, in a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Including the Highlights of Rapa Nui, such as Akahanga Temple, Rano Raraku Volcano, Ahu Tongariki which is the biggest Ahu in the Island, La Perouse Coast, Anakena Beach, Orongo ceremonial city, and cavern of the Te Pahu among others.

Why Visit Chile

Chile is a diverse country stretching from Peru all the way down to the southern most point of South America. It has amazing landscapes that will make anybody's mouth drop.


Beaches all along the coast line, hot springs, and food makes this country worth visiting. The Andes Mountains are also in this country. The Coastline stretches over 6,000 Kilometers and has every kind of climate known to man. The northern part of Chile is dry and desert like while the southern part gets cold. Chile also has claimed a part of Antarctica as its territory.



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Patricia Werner Vacaville,

California USA , enviado el 11-09-2012

"My horse was in California and I was in Chile.. but I got to experience South American horsesriding and Santiago hospitality with Maria and terracota chile. This experience was the highlight of my trip!. People who love to ride horses share a common love of the horse, nature, and adventure. Maria and I rode together on the trail as if we had done it so many times before. The spirit of horsemanship united the cultures of South America and the United States in a delightful 3 hour ride into the mountains. Thanks Maria and Terracota Excursiones Chile"

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